Terms & Conditions

Raglan Watersports want you to have a fantastic experience with us and on our equipment so there are a few safety rules in place that you need to read and understand before you start so to prevent Risk.


In any adventure activity there is an element of RISK involved, we at Raglan Watersports have put many procedures in place for prevention, a safety briefing is to be given to highlight these risks such as dehydration, sunburn, cuts, collision, dislocations and drowning, you must always listen and obey your instructor and follow the instructions and use the safety equipment provided at all times.

Terms & Conditions

  • Proof of identification may be requested upon delivery of your Sup/Surf boards, kayaks & fishing kayaks, bicycles and accessories. (E.g. driving licence, passport, photo ID, etc.)
  • Minimum 50 metres swimming ability and be physically fit, state any medical conditions or injuries that may effect your ability, Minimum hire age of 10, any person under 18 must be supervised by an adult at all times and also have signed consent from a guardian.
  • Please use equipment sensibly, with respect for others and the natural habitat, stay within the guided areas and know your limitations.
  • Anyone using equipment in a discourteous or unsafe manner while in possession of Raglan Watersports or Raglan Paddleboarding, Raglan Kiteboarding will have the equipment repossessed with no refund of charges.
    • Bikes - Cycle helmets are provided free of charge, all cyclists are strongly advised to use them. No Helmet – No Hire.
    • Kayaks - Life Jackets are provided free of charge and must be used on the Kayaks. No Life Jacket – No Hire.
    • Paddle boards - Leashes & Life belts/jackets are provided free of charge for paddleboards and must be used. No Leash & Life Belt/Jacket – No Hire/Lesson, (different rules apply for paddleboarding in the surf).
    • Kite Boarding - Wetsuits are provided free of charge and must be warn when lesson is in the water. No Wetsuit – No Lesson.
  • Equipment should be locked to a permanent fixture whenever left unattended. Locks are provided free of charge. Theft of unlocked equipment, loss, damages or misuse will be the responsibility of the hirer and will be subject to a $200 - $1400 charge to cover the replacement of the equipment or its accessories. Re-gas of lifebelts cost $15.00.
  • All equipment must be returned to the place and time as agreed when booking the hire. We reserve the right to charge an additional $10 for late returns.
  • Equipment booked and paid for in advance is guaranteed. Cancelled bookings - Less than 24 hours 50% refund
  • To know the risks & agree to all of the above even if part is held invalid or illegal, the rest will stay in full force.

You must release or indemnify Raglan Watersports Ltd, Raglan Paddleboarding, Raglan Scenic Tours, Raglan Kiteboarding and our staff against any liability, resulting from your failure to follow our instructions.

Do Not go out into conditions beyond your skill ability.

Cancellation and Refund Policy - Booking / Voucher

Once a booking / Voucher has been purchased

  • Please inform us as soon as possible either by phone or email if you need to cancel or alter your booking
  • If a refund is required,  an administration charge of 10% plus card/payment fees is applicable
  • If cancellation is made within 48 hours and up to 24 hours notice 50% of the prepaid amount is refundable
  • If cancellation is less than 24 hours notice then the full-prepaid amount is chargeable.

If Raglan Watersports cancel due to adverse weather on the day a full refund will be made less any card/payment fees.

Raglan Watersports reserves the right to cancel the days operations for any reason.

Complaints Procedure
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