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Raglan Kiteboarding Kiteboarding Lessons

We recommend you start with the two-hour Intro Lesson, which is our most popular way to get a feel for this sport.  This lesson is designed for people who have zero kiteboarding experience, with an emphasis on safety and understanding the weather, environment and risk assessment - all of which play a big part in this sport.

Our lessons are designed to have you kiteboarding as fast and as safely as possible, while eliminating bad habits from the start. Traction Kites can be extremely powerful, so doing it right from the beginning will save you time, frustration and pain. We teach with a low instructor/teacher ratio (1:1 or 1:2) for your safety and to ensure the best possible progression for you.

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Things to Note

Equipment is Provided

  • All necessary equipment for your lesson is supplied: kite, board, bar lines, leash harness, wetsuit
  • We provide students with Naish and Ozone kites which are proven to be the easiest kites to handle and relaunch
  • Our twin tip boards are wider and longer to get you up and riding faster and more safely
  • We provide you with a briefing to keep you safe and ensure you have lots of fun

What You Need to Bring and Know

We supply all the equipment and wetsuits (unless you have your own). Bring your togs, sunscreen, hat (for the land-based lesson), towel and plenty of water. You don’t need to be super strong, but a good level of fitness and flexibility will help.

You need to be able to swim to take lessons on the water.

Basic Beginner Taster Lesson

Designed for first timers to learn the basics of flying a kite. Land only lesson with trainer kites.

Basic Beginner Taster LessonsPrice
1-hour land-based lesson, one on one $100
1-hour land-based lesson, bring a friend $80 per person

Intro to Kiteboarding Lesson

If you’ve never kiteboarded before (or have minimal experience), we recommend you start with this two-hour introductory lesson. It’s a great way to get a feel for the handling of a kite and decide if this is a sport you want to progress in. This lesson places a strong emphasis on weather, wind, tide and hazard awareness - all essential knowledge for safe kiteboarding.

The progression from this lesson is based on hours accrued and individual learning ability

Beginner LessonsPrice
2-hour lesson, one on one $190
3-hour lesson, one on one $255
2-hour lesson, bring a friend $160 per person
3-hour lesson, bring a friend $225 per person

Our Intro to Kiteboarding Lessons cover:

  • Site assessment - weather forecast, wind, tide and hazard awareness
  • Wind window theory
  • Communication
  • Buffer-zone/obstacles
  • Kite safety systems
  • Kite set-up, harness and equipment
  • Pre-flight check
  • Launching and landing on beach practice
  • Power increase/decrease adjustment
  • Kite control, de-power and steering
  • Walking with the kite/land simulation
  • Inspect quick release
  • Safe landing

We aim for your kiteboarding experience at this stage give you the confidence to practice the basics ready for the next level.

Intermediate/Advance Kiteboarding Lessons

These lessons are designed for people who have already completed an intro or beginner lesson, or have some kiteboarding experience. These lessons will work towards or be water-based, that enable you to practice under the supervision of an instructor, or fine tune a couple of advanced moves.

To progress to these lessons you need to be able to cover everything from the into lesson.

Intermediate/Advanced Kiteboarding LessonsPrice
2-hour lesson, one on one $225

15Naish lesson on water

Our Intermediate/Advanced Kiteboarding Lessons cover:


  • Water start board positioning theory
  • Water entry/exit with kite control
  • Water landing and re-launch
  • Body dragging both directions upwind/downwind
  • Self-rescue techniques
  • Learning to get up and ride a kiteboard
  • Controlled stopping
  • Recovery of board one hand bar control
  • Deep water safety pack down
  • Right of way rules


  • Independent set up and site assessment
  • The appropriate launch
  • Water start and riding both directions
  • Board edge control and stability
  • The move upwind
  • Transition/riding upwind/downwind
  • Change direction without stopping
  • Jumping/tricks
  • Pack down kite
  • Debrief/questions

We aim for your kiteboarding experience to give you the confidence and solid knowledge to go it alone safely and progress to the next level.

Private Coaching

The quickest way to learn is on a one-on-one basis, whether you’re a complete beginner or you need more practice riding up or downwind.

Private CoachingPrice
2-hour lesson, one on one $210

Raglan Kiteboarding private lesson

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Firstly, just want to say a massive thank you. The kids loved it and the parents loved it too, so well done. They can now imagine and visualize the sport as a possibility! It went better than I imagined so thank you.


Shane Te Pahu School

We loved it.  Sean was great - suited us well - chilled out, laid back and encouraging.
I spent a lot of time in the water - on purpose - I'm a fish! - but he was cool to let us do as we pleased!
Really enjoyed the opportunity and experience.
Many thanks.


WOW - Raglan is breathtaking, its made an even better experience with the help of the awesome hospitality of Justine and Keith from Raglan Watersports! They are so friendly and bend over backwards helping to make your experience unique and super fun!
As for the Kiteboarding lessons - once you can peel your eyes off the blue eyed smoking hot Italian instructor, you are in for a lot of laughs, great efficient lessons and some thrills!!
Differently cant wait to get back up there for some more!!


Thanks so much for last Friday – everyone had a blast!

Hannah Smart Trade International Ltd

We had a great time, and as total beginners Carlos (I hope I remember that correctly!) was so patient with us. He took a lot of time showing us some techniques and guiding us, building our confidence slowly. We were really pleased with the lesson and it was timed perfectly for the tides.
Thank you!

Angela and Zeb

Great Kite Boarding Experience - My sister and I had an awesome time learning how to kite board with the guys at Raglan watersports. The instructor was super helpful and we had lots of fun on the beach. Would definitely come back and do it again!

Pernilla - Scotland

Awesome Tuition - We went to Raglan as a family with 3 boys under 11. The aim was for dad to kite surf and the boys to surf. We found the Raglan Water sports team highly professional, friendly and fantastic teachers. Safety in the water was at the forefront of their teaching to ensure each of us could look after ourselves if things turned bad and to increase our confidence in the water. The staff were brilliant at understanding each person's ability and needs and tailoring the lessons accordingly. We were so impressed that we went to the team for all further water sports activities. We will definitely use them again.